Ivan Margot

Ivan's bio

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Ivan Margot has a degree in Graphic Design and Communication from the ECAL School in Lausanne.

He currently works in Barcelona as a free-lance for several advertising agencies and spends most of his time researching and working on various projects related to street photography. He is especially interested in the concept of a more spontaneous photography that contrasts with the more methodical work of the graphic designer.

His work has been exhibited in several International Festivals such as:

  • 2017 Miami Street Photography Festival
  • 2017 Siena International Photo Awards
  • 2018 Barcelona International Photo Awards
  • 2018 Sony World Photography, Somerset House  
  • 2018 Brussels Street Photography Festival
  • 2018 London Street Photography
  • 2018 The EyeEm Photography Berlin Festival
  • 2018 International Photography Awards Street Photo
  • 2019 Festival International Arles, Gallerie Huit
  • 2019 London Street Photography